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16-bit FPC snapshot (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 27.08.2013, 18:46

I promised early june to generate a snapshot for 16-bit FPC. Due to holidays and some problems (the default way of building generated non-functional binaries) it was delayed, but Nicolay solved the problem last weekend.

I experimented a bit, and it seems that this is a working win32-> i8086-msdos crosscompiler for tiny and small memory models. Officially, current FPC builds don't work on win9x anymore, so you might need WinXP+. (4MB)

The demo/ directory contains some precompiled examples (tetris, samegame and hello world). The tetris was compiled with tiny mm. I tested them both in Win XP cmd.exe and dosbox.

There is a readme.txt which are my cleaned notes from building the snapshot, but basically:

- check dofpc16.bat and correct paths/drives.
- check bin/pp16.bat and bin/pp16t.bat
- put dofpc16.bat somewhere central (e.g. in the %PATH%)
- run dofpc16.bat
- compile your apps with pp16 <file> or pp16t <file>

No need to install watcom and/or nasm they are included.


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