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16-bit FPC snapshot (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 05.09.2013, 23:52

> > These do not by default play well together. The problem is probably
> passing
> > long cmdlines to each other, e.g. GO32V2-only "!PROXY" (via direct
> memory
> > address?), which Watcom doesn't support.
> go32v2 or DJGPP libc?

Both, most likely, AFAIK, but I'm not familiar with the details (how/when).

> Anyway, your problem descriptions are more or less what I expected. There
> is some ! and @ in go32v2 I guess, that will probably have to be ported to
> call the i8086 backend files.

The problem is the bad assumption that all DOS tools play well together and use the same workarounds. Unfortunately, they don't. Again, it may be possible to cross-compile WLIB and WLINK with DJGPP, that would definitely work better (without manual kludges), but honestly (again) such a thing may not be supported. You know, if they didn't explicitly test it, it probably doesn't work, probably assumes too many *nix things and/or hardcodes #ifdef __unix or #ifdef MSDOS or such (educated guess).

Maybe Laaca is right, it's some Exec bug, but that doesn't mean there aren't other issues that have to be worked around here.

> (though maybe it is not as bad under pure dos as under WinXP.

Like I said, I don't have XP anymore. My two P4 machines had failures, and I can only (barely) maybe test it at my aunts' house. But even then, like I said, XP is no perfect solution, as even its "mostly" working environment has bugs with DOS/4GW (OpenWatcom).

> IIRC NTs are noticably slower to start dos
> binaries. It might be worthwhile testing under dosbox even)

DOSBox is almost entirely out of the question due to various limitations (and "only for games" bugs). DOSEMU too, as mentioned, any FPC/GO32V2 binary just crashes the VM there.

> Internal linkers are considerably more complicated, and are only secondary
> (wrt speed) to the internal assembler/linker. This goes doubly for Dos,
> since the binaries won't be big, but smartlinking is paramount.

I assume you mean smartlinking is 1000x more crucial for 16-bit than otherwise. I don't think it's very important (functionally speaking) for 32-bit DOS as there is no hardcoded .EXE size limit nor total RAM limit.

> An alternate avenue might be using some more efficient form of smartlinking
> supported by the nasm-watcom combination. (so that you don't have an nasm
> invocation per symbol)

It's not bad how it's done now, just tedious. The main problem is Watcom tools not supporting LFNs, the cmdline (120-ish bytes) limit, and apparently not supporting "*.o" wildcards either (but response files are okay).

> Not really an option. That only brings in more alien tools, and the idea is
> too reduce them in time, not inflate them. Effort can be better spent
> eliminating nasm-wlink altogether.

The point was that it will figure out when the cmdline is too long for you, if you're too lazy to do it manually. That's the real problem, you have to not go over the limit. (I know Windows supports like 8000 bytes, but c'mon, you can do without that much.)

> > Of course, an easier solution might just involve the compiler driver
> (I don't know what you mean with compiler driver. I know GCC is spread out
> over more binaries, but FPC isn't. fpc.exe could be seen as a driver ...

Yes, I meant the handling of all these stages and needs to be tweaked slightly for DOS limits. Or else use all tools that support the same workarounds (e.g. DJGPP-built, no OpenWatcom-built stuff, even if it is pieces from OpenWatcom itself!).

P.S. Before I forget, maybe it is easier to build JWlink / JWlib with DJGPP than otherwise. At least that is separate and doesn't need the "full" Watcom sources (and weird cryptic makefiles) just to build those two tools.

> > writing an explicit .BAT file of what individual (non-mixed .EXE !)
> steps
> > are needed to build the entire project, esp. if it uses response files
> only
> > (no !PROXY via direct memory access). Not sure of what can be done
> already,
> > I'm only vaguely aware of -sh and -st and similar switches.
> Yes, in the compiler there used to be support for that (-al/-s) before most
> targets got the binwriter. (-al/-s<x> etc). Worth a try. Still doesn't
> solve wlib though (since the cmdline would be too long anyway). Will have
> to look it up, it is over 10 years ago that I used such kludges. (I assume
> the go32v2 linker still does, but that is probably pretty invariant and
> hidden)

Wildcards and LFNs and long cmdlines (120+) aren't supported in wlib / wlink for DOS, but response files work fine.

> > > I tried shortening paths (not in zip) but that didn't help
> >
> > %PATH% can only be approx. 128 bytes long.
> (I thought LFN api under windows allowed 255 char limits? Maybe the lfn
> driver under pure dos too?)

Not sure, but IIRC, only Win9x (not XP) had such a workaround (also supported by 4DOS??) where if the cmdline count is 128 (80h) or higher, it reads from %CMDLINE% env_var for the "full" cmdline entered. Maybe FreeCOM (FreeDOS shell) supports it too, dunno, but most apps don't support it either. Though DJGPP should support it too, but I'm not sure, never delved too deeply into it.

> That's pretty why I posted the whole lot here, hoping sb could try to
> compile in pure dos.

Yes, with a few workarounds, it works.

> Well. Under WinXP, one can use the win32 variant. It is just that I didn't
> have anything else to prepare the go32v2 snapshot.

I know, but my point is that even DJGPP barely works due to bugs that MS flat out refused to fix. I don't want to rag on them, but it's just gotten worse and worse since XP (2k3, Vista, 7) for NTVDM. It's just sad, honestly, unless (like most) you don't care about losing years worth of binary compatibility.

> > Your .BAT files aren't DOS-shell friendly anyways, they use non-portable
> > Win32-isms:
> They are more meant as examples and reflect my local build systems. Feel
> free to customize;-0

Well, here's a .BAT that shows how to get it working. Feel free to ask more questions. I'm no pro, but such workarounds are "par for the course", so to speak! This should give you an idea of what needs fixing.

@echo off
REM Thursday, September 5, 2013

if "%GSED%"=="" set GSED=gsed
if "%RAMDRIVE%"=="" goto end
REM ... LFNs are mandatory ...
set F1=c:\temp\
if not "%1"=="" if exist %1 set F1=%1
if not exist %F1% goto end
unzip -q %F1%
set F1=
cd pp16

REM ... use Causeway (p.d. w/ srcs) to avoid out of memory errors ...
copy /b c:\utils\cwstub.exe binw\dos4gw.exe >NUL
REM ... Ignore spurious time warnings from sed + DOSLFN ...
ctty nul
%GSED% -i~ -e "s/\(%\)\*/\11 \12 \13 \14 \15/" .../pp16.bat
%GSED% -i~ -e "s/^\(SET MYDRIVE=\)d/\1%RAMDRIVE%/" dopp16.bat
%GSED% -i -e "s/\\i386-go32v2/\\i386-g~1/" dopp16.bat
%GSED% -i -e "s/.* neq .*/if not x%%OLDPATH%%x==xx goto nosave/" dopp16.bat
ctty con
path c:\utils;c:\;c:\fdos
call dopp16
cd demo

REM ... -st = "Generate script to link on target" ...
echo on
call pp16 -WmTiny -st fpctris
@echo off

REM ... begin sed hack for fpctris_ppas.bat here ...
echo #n>>make.sed
echo s/\(wlib\.exe -q -fo -c \)\(.*\)\.lib.*/cd \\>>make.sed
echo "dir \/b *.o > \2.rsp\"|%GSED% -e "s/^.//" -e "s/.$//" >>make.sed
echo \1 ..\\\2.lib @\2.rsp\>>make.sed
echo del \2.rsp\>>make.sed
echo cd../>>make.sed
echo /echo Assembling/s/^/REM />>make.sed
echo s/^\(wlink\.exe\)  */\1 op q />>make.sed
echo w make.bat>>make.sed
REM ... end sed hack for fpctris_ppas.bat here ...

%GSED% -f make.sed fpctris_ppas.bat

REM ... DOS wlink accepts SFN only ...
ren fpctri*.res fpctris_.res

if not exist make.bat goto end

call make
if not exist fpctris.exe goto end
dir fpctris.exe
comp fpctris.exe c:\temp\fpctris.old

echo ... output is same except for month/date of FPC 2.7.1 snapshot ...
::Byte    File 1  File 2
::AF17    39 '9'  38 '8'
::AF19    30 '0'  32 '2'
::AF1A    34 '4'  37 '7'
::3 error(s).

if "%GSED%"=="gsed" set GSED=
doslfn -u


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