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7-Zip 4.56 beta available (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 01.11.2007, 03:52

(from Steve):
> Michael Kostylev has a DJGPP compile of p7zip 4.44 (1 April 2007).
> Website:

P.S. The file 7ZA.EXE included is packed with UPX 2.03. Well, we all (now) know that later UPX versions (e.g. latest 3.01) support LZMA from 7-Zip. So, a quick upx -d 7za.exe && upx --ultra-brute 7za.exe shrinks it from 753,448 bytes to 610,520 bytes (quite a difference!). (1208k, w/ new LZMA-packed .EXE)


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