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RAR + UnRAR (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 08.09.2013, 21:12

> > I did try (again) to compile latest UnRAR (5.0.11) with DJGPP, but
> > it bombs out on wchar_t stuff (wcscmp, etc)
> wchar_t type is wide char - for unicode support. I think that in windows
> it's fixed 2B data type, maybe you can define it as short int... But
> probably there will be depencies on other unicode functions so it's not
> good idea to compile this for dos...

Yes, defining wchar as a short int was what was previously done, but I don't know for sure when such support was dropped. It's not available in latest 5.x, which lacks all such makefiles (.bcc, .dmc, .dj, .cygmin) except a generic *nix one.

Sure, ignoring Unicode may be undesired for people who (blindly) expect every OS to handle it correctly. DOS probably can't easily, or at least DOSLFN translation tables are woefully incomplete. But better an uncompressed file with garbled name than no file at all, right? So I'd still prefer to have a (semi-modern) copy of UnRAR, if at all possible.

Though checking the diffs between 3.80 and 3.93 didn't show much, so it may not be barely worth upgrading. (If I had to guess, that's probably why no one else bothered until now.) Nevertheless, 3.93 is the last official RAR release for DOS, so I figure it might be wise to be in sync with that.

But I haven't tried compiling it yet (and honestly am afraid that rr's preferred 2.95.3 is too old for C++), and also I have no (good) place to host it. Sure, the previous 3.x ones are on iBiblio, but (so annoying) it's not technically free/libre since they forbid anyone making a RAR competitor (as if!). So I may have to ask Jim what to do, or else just host it on my own crappy website, ugh.


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