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Methan-Files (again) (Miscellaneous)

posted by DOS386(R), 11.09.2013, 04:33

> Does anybody know of a DOS application that can render, or convert to another codec,
> Windows metafiles: image/x-wmf, image/x-emf ?

Hadn't we already discussed this 2+1/2 years ago ?

PS: WMF/EMF is not really a codec ... also results on XP do differ from ME :-P

> I've never had the need, but your best bets will be Nconvert or Image Alchemy
> commandline. I think Nconvert 5.70 has a dos binary

EMF and WMF support in NCONVERT isn't native ... neither the DOS binary
nor the Win32 binary via HX will work.

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