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RAR + UnRAR (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.09.2013, 22:46

> Of course, I could put your build to
> with just a minimal effort.

Since it's already in "UTIL", I should probably at least inform Jim Hall, but I don't remember if we ever discussed the licensing before.

Anyways, here's the file (.EXE and sfx and sources):

I didn't change much, only three files (mostly but kept your previous as As RayeR mentioned, there was some minor error in os.hpp regarding ENABLE_BAD_ALLOC , but I just avoided that if _DJGPP [sic] is defined. None of the changes affect any other targets, so there's no need for a diff.

I used DJGPP 2.04 /beta/ and G++ 4.8.1 with -O2 (.exe) and -Os (sfx), respectively. And CWSDPMI r7 is bound to both. I'm not sure it'd be worth using older versions just for smaller size when it may be more beneficial to be modern (faster). I used -march=pentium -mtune=generic .

There weren't many upstream changes except some minor cleanups. A lot of "int"s were replace by "size_t", so (very blind guess) "maybe"?? it'll work better for 4 GB files (on supporting DOS compatibles, of course, which excludes WinXP and FreeDOS, but Win98??? Dunno).

There is also one added option, "ai" (Ignore file attributes).


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