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RAR + UnRAR (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.09.2013, 20:24

> > Did you tried my 3.93 native DOS build?
> No, I didn't. You have UNRAR unly, so only decompression is possible. (at
> least I think so)
> I prefer to have a fullfeatured RAR program.

Last "RARX" (DOS+OS/2 via EMX) is 3.93 from 2010. It is considered "obsolete" to them, and I can't even (directly) find a link to it anymore without searching with Google:

EMX itself is quite old (circa 2001), and if I had to guess, they probably used old GCC 2.8.1 (1998), which was the last full (C/C++) version that supported DOS+OS/2. Newer EMX-ish builds of GCC are OS/2 only, AFAICT.

Honestly, I'm surprised they stuck to EMX for so long. I guess they really really wanted (some partial native) OS/2 support. I can only assume that newer GCC (DJGPP) is also much stricter in C++, so maybe it wouldn't compile as easily.

A weak attempt at rebuliding UnRAR with OpenWatcom didn't work. (Presumably that Win32 output would work better under HX. Yes, I also tried pre-existing 3.91 binary, didn't work either.)

Latest RAR only seems to officially support four platforms: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X. If you want to continue using RAR, that's fine, but you will have to use older archive formats (2.9? 4.x? dunno) if you intend for other systems to be able to unpack it.


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