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Anyone else still using Phar Lap tools? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Brian_extended(R), 25.10.2013, 23:35
(edited by Brian_extended on 25.10.2013, 23:47)

I've been using PharLap tools for a long time - 1988 or so.

I still use a lot of real-mode DOS for embedded processors, PC-104 stacks and the Vortex 86DX. With some older tools, the Phoenix Linker as it has an easy-to-use overlay manager. Recently, converted a lot of my code to 32-bit protected using PharLap 7.0 and 8.0; seems to be the most direct port of real-mode DOS. I have a lot of assembly language routines for the Phar Lap extenders, giving access to the interrupt vector table and memory mapping. I got used to their memory model.

Do any of the newer DOS extender tools emulate the Phar Lap memory model, ie similar use of the Segment Registers and virtual memory drivers? I've also used VMMDRV since it came out. 3-D stop-frame animation using a Compaq 386/25, Cyrix EMP-87 math coprocessor, and an analog video-laser disk, 25 years ago.

I've downloaded the HX extender- works great for my Windows Console programs. I have some learning to do about it.


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