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Anyone else still using Phar Lap tools? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Brian_extended(R), 26.10.2013, 14:45
(edited by Brian_extended on 26.10.2013, 17:53)

> Are these the versions that support the PE format ( TNT? ) or is this still
> REX?
> > Do any of the newer DOS extender tools emulate the Phar Lap memory
> model,
> > ie similar use of the Segment Registers and virtual memory drivers?
> Open Watcom still supports the Pharlap dos extender, AFAIK - it's called
> "Easy OMF".

These versions support PE; I've used the older format "for a very long time", and have cracked the manuals open to read up on PE. Phar Lap "EXP" is what I've been using. "ELF", "COFF", been 15+ years since I needed to look these up!

(Added) I found the relevant sections in the Linker manual, and will look at the configuration files for PE format. One is NOT included for the Microway compilers, maybe I can hack one in. I tend to use -priv to run at level 0, install interrupt handlers, disable interrupts for critical timing, and take over the CTC of the CPU for timing. These limit the builds to "DOS Style" as per the linker docs. All the reasons to stick with DOS right? "or did they improve windows in the 21st century to do these things"... (HUMOR)

I will be experimenting with what can/cannot be done to run my code in the various formats. Still experimenting. Yesterday, got the "exec" function working- converted a 16-bit assembly routine written in 1986 to protected mode. The compiler has a library call, but "did not quite work". Register dump and locked keyboard. Mine worked on the first try.


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