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Anyone else still using Phar Lap tools? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Brian_extended(R), 26.10.2013, 14:49

> Hehe, yes the Phar Lap
> was a name of extraordinary race horse (he had bigger heart and power than
> other horses) that they used to name the software comapany...
> >Brian_extended
> With what compiler do you use this tools? I never used this. I think it
> worked with watcom and HighC.

I am using the Microway NDP compilers, Version 4.4 for Fortran and 4.6 for C/C++ (although I stick with C). I also do a lot in assembly. I was able to get 50,000 lines of Fortran and assembly converted from RM Fortran 2.43 and MASM to Microway and Phar Lap in a week. I wrote the interrupt installer for both a long time ago. I suspect the Microway compiler incorporated most of the RM and VAX extensions to aid in porting. That covered me.

The Watcom compiler- need to revisit. I bought it "in the day", but it did not include the Fortran extensions and porting would have been a major issue. The Microway compilers, use something for 25 years and you get used to the internals. I used the GNU C/C++ "a long time ago" for the i960 and MIPS R3000/R4000 CPU's.


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