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Anyone else still using Phar Lap tools? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Brian_extended(R), 27.10.2013, 13:39
(edited by Brian_extended on 27.10.2013, 21:03)

> > "or did they improve windows in the 21st century to do these
> > things"... (HUMOR)
> Actually, "these things" can be done in windows. In Windows 9x/ME in any
> case, in Windows NT/XP/Vista/7 ( /8? ) only if you have administrator
> rights. But I guess it's fairly questionable whether it is a good idea to
> use such hacks / options in a multi-tasking OS.

My experience with doing a test under Windows several years ago, the timing was not as accurate. As it is now, running under DOS- the output of the hardware being driven under extended DOS is "O-Scope" solid. I've implemented a number of feed-back loops where the timing is critical.

ADDED- In 486/100 days, I used a hardware counter-timer-circuit, I think was 48 bits or so, for timing. After moving to the Pentium, the 64-bit timer was available and I made use of it in place of the CTC peripheral. "Resetting" the CTC was part of my timing software. I think resetting the 64-bit timer/counter makes windows kill the process "executed illegal instruction" type messages. The instructions works under DOS and Phar Lap. Like I stated before, I am still experimenting. What I have works well, I can time sub-microsecond- basically limited by the bus speed. I've disabled interrupts for hours at a time while the control loops are running. This is a Lab environment.


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