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Anyone else still using Phar Lap tools? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Brian_extended(R), 28.10.2013, 22:50

> > WIN98se halted the code on the write to TSC register- did not like that
> > one.
> Yes, RDMSR/WRMSR won't run in ring 3 - you have to switch to ring 0.
> Strangely, on my Pentium 200 board, even RDTSC causes a fault in Win98SE,
> although SoftICE tells that bit TSD ( time stamp disable ) in CR4 is
> clear!?

Phar Lap lets me use the "-priv" for ring 0.

On the PE format, the Microway Startup code is an issue. So at least for my current code, running EXP format, -priv, and preventing Phar Lap from allocating all of real-mode memory is working for me.

I will be experimenting with PE mode for Visual C/C++, and DOS32HX. Since it is DOS, each code can use it's own extender. Phar Lap 386link includes a build file for VC.

I've had to go into the BIOS of the machines that I run on to disable quite a few things, including the IR port and such. The transition from real-mode to Phar Lap DOS was much easier than I thought. The critical timing portions of the code all work; and the timing is even more precise.

I'm reminded of the movie 2010 where HAL is rebooted after being shutdown for 10 years. I have a lot of code in there that has not been used since well before 2001. Found one note that I left myself in 1988 warning me to change a line of assembly after the year 2000. I did, it worked...


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