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Virtual x86 - Javascript x86 emulator with FreeDOS/graphics (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 02.11.2013, 01:07
(edited by Arjay on 02.11.2013, 02:02)

As mentioned by dmccunney on the FreeDOS user mailing list the other day, if you've not already seen it there is another good interesting Virtual x86 emulator @ This emulator supports graphics unlike JSLinux doesn't need Java (e.g. unlike JPC). V86 (V24) currently has 4 different hosted images you can boot (KolibriOS, Linux 2.6, FreeDOS, OpenBSD), you can download images after you've played around with them. FreeDOS boots very quickly and has a number of applications. You can also boot your own CD, Floppy or hard drive images! Cutting and pasting is a simple right click, e.g.
SeaBIOS (version rel-1.7.3-74-g3061815-dirty-20131005_235927-eevee)
Booting from Floppy...
FreeDOS kernel - SVN (build 2040 OEM:0xfd) [compiled Apr 7 2012]
Kernel compatibility 7.10 - WATCOMC - FAT32 support
(C) Copyright 1995-2011 Pasquale J. Villani and The FreeDOS Project.
All Rights Reserved. This is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO
WARRANTY; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the
GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.
- InitDiskno hard disks detected
Can't disable A20 - ignored
FreeDOS HIMEM 2.07 [Feb 13 2003] (c) 1995, Till Gerken 2001-2003 tom ehlert
Interface : XMS 2.00 80386 64MB
Kernel: allocated 46 Diskbuffers = 24472 Bytes in HMA
FreeCom version 0.82 pl 3 XMS_Swap [Dec 10 2003 06:49:21]
Welcome to FreeDOS (!
Running on
Try 'invaders' or 'snake' or 'tetris' for fun.
A:\>ver /r
FreeCom version 0.82 pl 3 XMS_Swap [Dec 10 2003 06:49:21]
DOS version 7.10
FreeDOS kernel version 0.0.40

Kyriakos Ktorides provides a good quick overview on of V24 on his website Kyriakos's Den: x86 Emulator in your Browser. The forum discussion may also be of interest.

WATCHOUT: If you use reset or buttons be aware that until you click into the text console again that they will still be highlighted, e.g. if you last hit reset then unless you click into the console when you start typing it will reboot again as reset will still be highlighted :) Still testing....

For anyone new to the BTTR forum, you may find the past JSLinux / Runcom discussion also interesting.

On a semi-related note Rod Pemberton's list of BIOS calls used by various OSes, bootloaders, etc., online references was an interesting reminder for me of some references I've referred to myself in the past. I'm mentioning it as I thought it was a good starting point for anyone interested in low level who may not be aware of some of the references he refers to.


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