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Feasible to use GUI support from ReactOS or WINE? (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 31.07.2007, 10:26

> > IMO it is more promising to improve HX's qemu support, build a DOS
> version
> > of kqemu (allowing to run userland code natively) and then run ReactOS
> (and
> > possibly FireFox on ReactOS :) ) in DOS-Qemu.
> I may have lost a point here :
> what's the use of running ReactOS in DOS-Qemu, as opposed to running it
> natively ?

Obviously you haven't actually tried running ReactOS. I tried on two different computers and it wouldn't even boot on either ("alpha" software, ya know). :P

So yeah, if you could get ReactOS to consistently work for everybody, that would be a good thing. (Plus, if it crashes in a VM, no worries right?)

Know your limits.h


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