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Ethernet to Wireless Bridges (Announce)

posted by mbbrutman(R) Homepage, Washington, USA, 05.01.2014, 22:26

Just to clarify, that device looks like a "bridge" that allows a machine with a wired Ethernet connection to connect to a wireless access point. The DOS machine still uses its original Ethernet card and does not know about the bridge device. The bridge device handles the WiFi part of the connection.

I have heard good things about the Asus WL-330N for this use. It is sold as a "travel" router for use in places where you have a wired Ethernet connection and you need wireless, but it also has other modes including the bridge mode. I just purchased and am waiting for a Zyxel MWR102 which is a similar device. I plan on using it to get my old DOS machines onto my WiFi.

These devices require some configuration before you can use them. You need to set the operating mode (bridge instead of access point) tell them which WiFi network to connect to, and provide any keys up front. This generally requires a web browser so you might need to do the initial setup with a more modern machine and then move the device.

mTCP - TCP/IP apps for vintage DOS machines!


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