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Ethernet to Wireless Bridges (Announce)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 06.01.2014, 10:04
(edited by iw2evk on 06.01.2014, 13:59)

Hi guys,

Tplinks have a similar device : one side to connect to ethernet line, in the other side they are a "cube" with integrated a wifi transceiver and some usb port.

By setting you can configure like wifi device od usb uhb or wifi AP.
NOTE : if you connect a usb dongle for umts/3G data over cell net , you can use it without problem in DOS (ask for it to Andrea936 on forum adress list).
The problem remain the same : for configure can be <used WIN$ because at they are a javascr*** page , and dos browser don't handle this
format (may be with new links 2.8 JS ?)

I suspect this devices are the only one possibility for new device usb/3g for dos , because the industries are not intersted to release drivers for dos and no one programmers are intersted to developping free new drivers for usb dongles in dos :(



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