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The Doszip Commander version 3.18 available (Announce)

posted by nidud(R) E-mail, Norway, 08.01.2014, 22:10

Just tested DZ in ReactOS...

It works, but MODE.EXE don't exist so there is no resizing.

> The Windows version has a small problem in Win7 (64-bit) - when I press
> Alt-F9 to enlarge the Doszip window to comprise the entire screen, it
> doesn't reposition itself to desktop position 0,0. Works in XP.

MODE is used to set the size but the position depends on other things I guess. Having a short-cut is one way (I set this to ?4,-4). A double-click on the title line seems to work as well.

Programming this seems to involve graphical functions which I'm trying to avoid using.


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