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The Doszip Commander version 3.18 available (Announce)

posted by nidud(R) E-mail, Norway, 12.01.2014, 18:37

> 1) The Win32 version is under Windows98 virtualy unusable. The main screen
> with two blue pannels is not correctly displayed. But I replaced the stub
> into DOS only stub so everything is OK now.

Haven't really tested Win98, but I will look into it.

> 2) I really miss the keyboard shortcuts CTRL-[ and CTRL-]
> In Volkov commander (and maybe in NC too) it copies into commandline the
> listed directory from left or right pannel. In Volkov I love the
> possibility to write f.e.: "rar x <CRTL-ENTER> <CTRL-]>" and it is!

Had some trouble with the keyboard in Win32, so the Ctrl-KeyBar functions was removed. Ctrl-Enter still works and the KeyBar also works in the DOS version, but the commands may differ.

> 3) from documentation is not clear where shall be located the plugins. It
> shall be ".\PLUGIN\"? or ".\PLUGINS\" or ".\DOC\PLUGIN\"??

True, documentation is not good, but there is now in the binary .ZIP file a plugin directory. Also the Plugin.ZIP file includes a full path to this directory.

There are some confusion with regards to the DOC directory since it?s possible to set DZ=config_directory, or use the argument /C#. However, using %DZ% makes all copies and recursive calls to DZ use this directory which is a bit inconvenient. The 32-bit version now sets DZ and DOSZIP on init and DOSZIP to the top of the PATH. The DOS version will ignore DZ if set and behave as before.

A copy of DZ in K:\CC called from DZ with K:\CC\dz /C%DZ% will create an instance which pushes K:\CC to the top of the path, but changes to the configuration will be lost on exit. A call with no arguments will most likely use K:\CC\dz\doc, and this will have the same effect as calling the local DZ with argument /CK:\CC\dz\doc.

So, it's still confusing and I'm not exactly shore how to handle this, but the default for now is to assume .\DOC directory is used.

> 4) I don't understand why renaming and moving files are separated into two
> diferent keys (F2 and F6) but OK, it is about your habit.

F2 rename a single file/directory directly on the screen. F6 moves a single or a selection set of files between panels.


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