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Gifsicle version 1.78 available (build) (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 12.01.2014, 22:19

On 11 January 2014 I finished my 32-bit DOS build of Eddie Kohler's Gifsicle version 1.78 using DJGPP version 2.04 beta.

Binaries, user manuals in ASCII format, and fully configured sources plus some simple instructions on how to rebuild are available at

Changes from my last build (1.70) to 1.78:
* Correct an optimization bug introduced in 1.76. Reported by Tom Roostan.
* Major improvements to color selection (important when reducing colormap size). Use gamma-corrected colors in selection and dithering; this makes image quality much better. Also, when reducing colors with dithering, prefer to select colors that dithering can't approximate.
* Add ordered dithering modes, which avoid animation artifacts. The default ordered dithering mode (`--dither=ordered`) is a novel mode that combines some of the visual advantages of error diffusion with the artifact avoidance of ordered dithering.
* Add halftone dithering (`--dither=halftone`).
* gifview: Improved cache memory management for better animations. Collect memory for old frames based on an explicit --memory-limit (default 40MB).
* gifview: Add `--fallback-delay` option, to specify a fallback delay for frames with delay 0. Thanks to Sung Pae.
* Fix `-O2` crashes introduced with `--resize` improvements. Reported by Bryan Stillwell.
* Improve `--careful` (fewer crashes). Reported by Bryan Stillwell.
* Improve `-O2`: again, don't refuse to optimize images with local color tables. Reported by Bryan Stillwell.
* Greatly improve `--dither` speed.
* Improve `--resize` behavior: avoid animation artifacts due to different rounding decisions. Also speed it up. Reported by Bryan Stillwell.
* Fix bug where `-O2` would refuse to optimize some images with local color tables, claiming that "more than 256 colors were required". What was really required is previous disposal. Reported by Bryan Stillwell.
* Fix crash bugs on some combinations of `--crop` and `--resize` (prevalent on images whose first frame didn't cover the whole logical screen). Reported by Bryan Stillwell.
* Avoid rounding errors in `--resize`. Reported by Paul Kane.
* Report error when `-I` is combined with `-b`. Reported by Frank Dana.
* Frame selections also apply in batch mode. Reported by LOU Yu Hong Leo.


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