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BSD alternatives to coreutils (Developers)

posted by lmemsm(R) Homepage, 19.01.2014, 17:32

Just wondering if anyone's considered using some of the BSD alternatives to common utilities instead of GNU coreutils and other similar GNU tools. From my personal experiences so far, some of the GNU developers don't seem too helpful about supporting DOS or other ports or too eager to accept patches for them. They seem more concerned with Linux/POSIX systems. Was thinking that some of the BSD alternatives are typically less bloated and complex than the GNU varieties and might be easier to maintain.

There's a project called Obase that ports some of the BSD utilities to Linux. There are also several BSD licensed Minix utilities that are used by embedded systems like Elks. I've been working on porting some of them and some of the NetBSD and FreeBSD utilities to Windows. Don't think it would be that much harder to add DOS support. Currently have utilities like find and xargs working in DOS. I'm also using pkgconf instead of GNU pkg-config with djgpp.

I think one can find BSD alternatives for most of the coreutils and other basic utilities. Some of the other tools I've run across BSD alternatives to are gettext/libintl and gzip. I believe libarchive (which includes a BSD version of tar) is already available and working on several operating systems as well.

Was just wondering if anyone (other than me) would be interested in this sort of thing. I'd be interested in discussing the topic with others.


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