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Mpxplay 2.00 vs 1.60 (Announce)

posted by Mpxplay(R), 07.02.2014, 03:49

> I looked at Win version and it's different application - MultiMedia
> Commander (with 2 NC-style panels) - something very different to classic
> mpxplay so I think it's a parallel project...

Sorry if it was not clean to everybody. Sometimes I develop for myself and I don't care with the users... ;-)
I just needed an own (Mpxplay-like) video player, and the Qt was the fastest way to get this.

I keep the source compatibility for a while (because the 80% of the source is common in the DOS and in the new GUI version), so there are 3 different Mpxplay versions from now: DOS console, Win console, Win GUI.
Of course the major changes come in the new GUI version, but the background modifications/bugfixes appear in the console versions too.

btw. the console versions still come with 1.xx version number, the GUI one with 2.xx



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