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New to forum, new to DOS, kinda (Announce)

posted by wayne(R) E-mail, Central Ohio, 07.03.2014, 17:22

Well, I'm kinda disgusted. I just spent about 15 minutes typing an introduction, and a question or two. Hit "preview". Got a prompt that I wasn't logged in. And the post is gone.


Well, unfortunately, I'm not going through it all again. CRAP!

So . . . more in in brief this time . . . I'm new to the forum. Been programming since 1968. But haven't worked with DOS since the 80's

We just "inherited" 5 machines that run using CMES, DOS programs. We're taking over a facility that was just phased out. So we'll continue running their programs, on their (now our) machines, checking the parts they used to make.

We own 11 of these machines. Will upgrade the 5 old ones over time. ($20 grand a pop!) And will re-write new programs to run on our machines as well.
But that's going to be "as time permits".

For the existing 100 or so programs to work for us, I need to do just a little editing. Tweaking. And for the most part, it's a snap.

But I also need to add some functionality that's beyond my present ability.

I've done numerous Web searches. Found related "how to" sites. Related how to examples. But not quite what I need to do.

OK, here it comes, right. Am I gonna ask you all how to do it?

Not at all. What I've been searching for is what you could call a . . . DOS manual. Or a "How to program in DOS 101".

Here's the ting . . . I'm not trying to make a career change here. But I'll do what I gotta do to get the job done. I don't want to spend 20 or 30 hours, doing Web searches, reading books, etc. just to make a few changes in these programs and put the issue to bed. (Same edit in all programs. Most likely editing one line of code.)

So what I'm asking you is . . . Do you know a good source I can turn to so I can do my homework? Find out how to write the code I need. And Git'r Done!?!

NOTE: I spent several hours (seriously, hours) searching the Web. Unfortunately, our company server is quick to block unknown URLs.

So far I found LOTS of how to sites. Nothing that explained what I need.

(INSIGHT) These are coordinate measuring machines. They measure "parts". Create an .rpt file, using the input serial number as the file name. Save file to a folder.

ISSUE: If you re-run a part, maybe after reworking/fixing the part, the old rpt file is over written.

We need to keep all data. Should be easy enough. I figure, add a timestamp to the serial number/file name.

This is all temporary. The new programs (in newer software) will pull the data into a data base. Our data base. But for a short time (4 to 6 months)
we need to use their methodology so they can also retrieve the data as well.

AND WHAT A PAIN! For years these guys have been doing this. When they finish running parts, they have to open each .rpt file and bring it into Excel!!!!


So, where I need pointing, specifically, would be . . .

A source that would include the "how and why" of using a time stamp. How to get it converted to a numeric value. I'll set the value as a variable and append it to the serial number. That part's easy.

Also, just in case anyone here has had such an issue in the past . . . I'm open to suggestion as to how I can pull a bunch of rpt files into Excel in
a usable format. Or . . . maybe a better way to save the measured values so they're more accessible.

Ideas and comments welcome! Wayne

PS: Before posting, I read the articles here about what I should and shouldn't do in a post. I intentionally did not include any code (the code I need to change) because I'm not asking you to edit it for me.

Also, to show you I did in fact read the articles, I'll end this post as follows . . .

Thank you in advance for any pointers, for your time, and consideration. I'll also thank you (again) in another post when I get a resolve.

: )

If it ain't broke, stop tryin' ta fix it!


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