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New to forum, new to DOS, kinda (Announce)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 07.03.2014, 23:53

Hi Wayne,

Welcome to "DOS Ain't Dead".

I'm sorry to say that nothing in your snippet of code looks familiar
to me as being from any programming language I have seen before.

Perhaps someone else here might recognize it.

> > what exactly is your question?
> As posted (word for word) . . .
> What I've been searching for is what you could call a DOS manual. Or a "How
> to program in DOS 101". A source that would include the "how and why" of
> using a time stamp. How to get it converted to a numeric value.
> > what's the language and compiler for these programs?
> CMES For Windows, 32 bit. That's all I know.
> Here's another option. I don't know what compiler is used, etc. So here's
> the code I need changed. Maybe you can tell me the language and compiler.
> The following code is near the end of the program. In a nutshell, the
> serial number is input at the beginning of the program run. We add a "C"
> to the input. So all serial numbers/file names start with "C". And I want
> to append time stamp data (or some kind of unique value) to the end of the
> file name. So each time I run the same serial number, the saved file name
> is different.
> OP,'^Z'
> ! OP,'PRI C',(SN),'.RPT >NUL'
> OP,(T),'COPY C',(SN),'.RPT C:\PARSE >NUL',(T)
> >NUL',(T)
> OP,(T),'COPY C',(SN),'.RPT Q:\CMM_DATA\',(F),'\GPFILES >NUL',(T)
> OP,'DEL C',(SN),'.RPT >NUL'
> OP,'^Z'
> OP,'ET,CL'
> EP,1




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