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New to forum, new to DOS, kinda (Announce)

posted by bretjohn(R) Homepage E-mail, Rio Rancho, NM, 08.03.2014, 01:20

I don't recognize the language, either. You say you know it's CMES for Windows (which I've never heard of before), I would try to find a compiler before I went much further. Even if you modified the source code, it doesn't do any good if you can't compile it.

You could use some DOS utilities and batch files and "tricks" to modify the files after they've been created (such as adding the data and time to the beginning or end of the file, renaming the file, copying/moving the file to a different directory, etc.). Anything much more complicated than that and you're probably way better off modifying the source code (assuming you can find the compiler).

Also keep in mind the 8.3 file name limitation, which may or may not be a problem in your particular situation (there can be ways around that, even in DOS). You're going to have a hard time fitting a serial number and a date and a time all into 8 characters.


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