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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 19.03.2014, 11:48

> > > No Dos specific details known atm (except that there is a dos
> released).
> >
> > Better than nothing, so thanks (to whomever, presumably you and Tomas
> > Hajny).
> I think Pierre, Tomas, me. In that order. Tomas and I keep tabs on what
> happens with dos somewhat, Tomas a bit more since sfn issues etc are shared
> with OS/2 that he maintainers.
> Pierre does the bulk of the work.

Dunno who does what. I don't even really read the online mailing list archives regularly.

> > > Hopefully the next release we have two DOS targets :-)
> >
> > Dunno, haven't looked at snapshots since our fpctris kludge last
> September.
> > A quick glance (but no testing) only shows a Win32 ppcross386.exe build
> and
> > three (!) i8086 compilers, one for each memory model (eh??).
> Yes, I chatted with that with Nikolay and he was aware of the issue. Unless
> sb knows watcom tools linked with djgpp, we are stuck with crosscompiling.

1). Extenders must play nice (or else have yet another neutral front end / driver, maybe called from real mode??), I think Causeway would maybe cooperate okay.
2). LFNs are a problem too, but at least Japheth's forked tools (JWlinkd, JWlibd) support that, IIRC. (Otherwise we need another kludge. But see #5 below, maybe problem is already solved??)
3). Long cmdlines are a problem, my workaround was to manually "dir /b\*.o > fpctris.rsp" and manually use response files (this is in lieu of DJGPP handling it for you behind the scenes), otherwise wildcard support or similar needs to be added to the Watcom tools ... if FPC generated such response files automatically, it would avoid the issue.
4). I'm quite skeptical about honestly getting Wlink / JWlink etc. to build with DJGPP, even though it probably builds with GCC on Linux. At least JWasm used to claim to build with DJGPP, but the others I dunno. I doubt Japheth (or OW devs) care enough to waste time on this.
5). I've not kept up with OpenWatcom development. See unofficial (?) GitHub or 2.0-pre SourceForge builds (even DOS!). Maybe they work better, dunno.

> Sb mentioned running the crosscompiler with HX as an option to.

When I tried last in September, it didn't work. (Though who knows, maybe it was my error.) Since 2.2.x supposedly used to run on HX, I naively guess FPC upstream has added too many XP APIs that aren't supported. But I'd have to try again. In other words, unless somebody explicitly tries this and succeeds, I just assume that's not going to work at all. Again, I doubt Japheth cares enough to waste time fixing this.

The current FPC snapshot says (ppcross386 -iD) 2014/02/05 but -iSO and -iTO both say "win32". A weak try (atop Win7 64-bit) to compile fpctris (-Fuunits/go32v2/rtl) says, "PPU is compiled for another target".

> > The IDE shelling out / compile + run bug seems fixed.

Haven't tried the built-in debugger, that's what I always associated Pierre with, mainly (for good or bad).

> > Context-sensitive
> > help via CHM still works (once added), which is better than a billion
> > files.
> (for that latter thing I do take partial credit, together with Andrew of
> course)

Well, 48 MB of 13,000 files for the .HTML archive is a bit excessive!

> > I guess the real test is what Laaca thinks of this release! :-P
> Certainly. And since major versions usually cause upheaval that breaks
> minor platforms, I hope this one is worthwhile enough to last a while.

Dunno, probably. It's not like we have much choice in the matter, too low on manpower.

> There will be a beta for the major version (2.8.0 it is going to be I
> think) though.
> P.s. Nikolay says he has started larger memory model support, but that is
> going to take a while

Good luck.

P.S. I see that there is a wiki page about the DOS 8086 target now.


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