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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 19.03.2014, 21:28

> 1). Extenders must play nice (or else have yet another neutral front end /
> driver, maybe called from real mode??), I think Causeway would maybe
> cooperate okay.

Trouble is that must be weighted against modifying and validating the assembler (and linker) backend.

> 2). LFNs are a problem too, but at least Japheth's forked tools (JWlinkd,
> JWlibd) support that, IIRC. (Otherwise we need another kludge. But see #5
> below, maybe problem is already solved??)

No idea, haven't revisited. But yes it is increasingly a problem.

> 3). Long cmdlines are a problem, my workaround was to manually "dir /b
>\*.o > fpctris.rsp" and manually use response files (this is in
> lieu of DJGPP handling it for you behind the scenes), otherwise wildcard
> support or similar needs to be added to the Watcom tools ... if FPC
> generated such response files automatically, it would avoid the issue.

It might with -s. It did long, long ago.

> 4). I'm quite skeptical about honestly getting Wlink / JWlink etc. to build
> with DJGPP, even though it probably builds with GCC on Linux. At least
> JWasm used to claim to build with DJGPP, but the others I dunno. I doubt
> Japheth (or OW devs) care enough to waste time on this.

I also wouldn't waste too much time switching assemblers. That can be better invested in an internal asm that is generally more stable, crossplatform, has no LFN issues etc.

> > Sb mentioned running the crosscompiler with HX as an option to.
> When I tried last in September, it didn't work. (Though who knows, maybe it
> was my error.) Since 2.2.x supposedly used to run on HX, I naively guess
> FPC upstream has added too many XP APIs that aren't supported.

The next major versions is going to be unicode. So yes. It will call -W functions pretty much exclusively (trunk, the branch with 8086) already does.

> But I'd have
> to try again. In other words, unless somebody explicitly tries this and
> succeeds, I just assume that's not going to work at all. Again, I doubt
> Japheth cares enough to waste time fixing this.

So I assume that means that HX is not long term viable anyway, ok, option dropped.

> The current FPC snapshot says (ppcross386 -iD) 2014/02/05 but -iSO and -iTO
> both say "win32". A weak try (atop Win7 64-bit) to compile fpctris
> (-Fuunits/go32v2/rtl) says, "PPU is compiled for another target".

FPC compilers are per architecture. So any 32-bit x86 compiler can generate go32v2 code. The target OS can be changed with -T.

But for 16-bit you need a 16-bit arch compiler

> > > The IDE shelling out / compile + run bug seems fixed.
> Haven't tried the built-in debugger, that's what I always associated Pierre
> with, mainly (for good or bad).

True. It seems that the debugger was left out, and he was planning to upload an add-on package to fix that.

> > > Context-sensitive
> > > help via CHM still works (once added), which is better than a billion
> > .HTML
> > > files.
> >
> > (for that latter thing I do take partial credit, together with Andrew of
> > course)
> Well, 48 MB of 13,000 files for the .HTML archive is a bit excessive!

If I test plain dos, I do so on a P-II 233. The extracting of such archive is enlightening :_)


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