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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 23.03.2014, 06:33

> > So I assume that means that HX is not long term viable anyway,
> > ok, option dropped.
> It's not viable unless somebody (either FPC or HX) is willing to pick up
> any slack.

An unstable backend (msdos/i8086) of an unstable snapshot (2.7.x) on an unpopular OS (DOS) with a relatively limited Win32 subset emulation (HX) is just asking for something to break.

> > But for 16-bit you need a 16-bit arch compiler
> Dunno, maybe I got the wrong snapshot.

I thought only the i8086 compiler was a cross-compiler. I remember older go32v2 snapshots being self-hosted, but nowadays that isn't the case. Hence my confusion.

Anyways, it actually seems that yesterday's i8086 (WmTiny) snapshot "mostly" works okay under HX (DPMILDR=128). I say "mostly" because I didn't fully automate the testing process (due to aforementioned unincorporated kludges), nor yet compare binaries' md5sum made atop proper modern Windows. So I'll have to try testing more properly later this week.

Some minor details have changed but not much. FPCTRIS was like 2 kb smaller than before, so it's not going to match your previous build. And there is a bug (or unimplemented feature?) that makes every program say "Nil pointer assignment" on exit (even something as banal as "Hello, world!").


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