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Compilation Woes: A study in frustration | evil DOS32A (Emulation)

posted by DOS386(R), 30.03.2014, 14:55

> since I can't run the precompiled binary included in the distribution, due
> to its using the DOS/32A extender and the binary being compressed by
> DOS32A's SC.EXE executable compression program

what's the problem? doesn't it run?

> So, I wanted to compile an unstubbed, *uncompressed* binary using GCC 4.73
> under DJGPP. The source is all portable C. Then, it could be stubbed with
> CWSDPMI or even DOS 4GW or PMODE/W

Probably NOT with DOG/4SW or PMODE/W ...

> Anything but DOS32A!

What's the problem with DOS32A? (OK, it doesn't like external DPMI hosts, but this doesn't make it a priori unusable)

> author says in the docs that he switched from DOS 4GW to DOS32a in Colem v. 2.20.

This is good, isn't it?

> Can anyone provide some gracious help in getting a DOS binary of ColEm
> compiled without compression and using any DOS extender other than DOS32A

Options (other than compiling):
- find a decompressor (I'm not aware of any)
- decompress manually (it's open source)
- stub in another version of DOS32A (7.xx instead of 9.xx)
- get the DOS32A working, as there is no reason why it wouldn't work

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