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piracy (Miscellaneous)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 02.04.2014, 03:24

If I gather correctly,
the point DOS386 was attempting to make is that as per usual, MS has
"released" something that is of no real use to anyone except as a bit
of trivia and it is at best a novelty for historic and nostalgia purposes.

Further, that as per usual, MS has not actually "released" it but rather
has simply made it available for only very limited personal use.

Thereby making it virtually useless for any 'real-world purpose'.


> > > TL;DR: This is only interesting to computer history buffs
> >
> > Right. Nothing worth pirating inside ;-)
> Uhm... It was released under MS Research License, so it wouldn't be
> pirating if used in those limited ways the license permits (non-commercial,
> personal and research only). :)
> Anyways, I don't see why some people don't like FreeDOS. It's more modern
> than the last version of MS DOS (not to mention the last commercial
> version), it comes with the tools that are mostly good enough (some a bit
> better, some maybe a bit worse) and generally does everything MS DOS does.
> :) So, if someone needs a DOS source, there is already one that is in good
> enough shape and works 99% of time. Not to mention it's available under an
> open license so you can distribute source, binaries and derivatives. :)



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