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piracy (Miscellaneous)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 02.04.2014, 06:04
(edited by Doug on 02.04.2014, 20:14)

> Anyways, I don't see why some people don't like FreeDOS. It's more modern
> than the last version of MS DOS (not to mention the last commercial
> version), it comes with the tools that are mostly good enough (some a bit
> better, some maybe a bit worse) and generally does everything MS DOS does.
> :) So, if someone needs a DOS source, there is already one that is in good
> enough shape and works 99% of time. Not to mention it's available under an
> open license so you can distribute source, binaries and derivatives. :)

Well, all i can say to that is that by looking into the MS-DOS code, you can get a good idea how Microsoft does things. <cough, cough> ;-)

- Doug B.

Edit: Or maybe i should say "Seattle Computer Products"....


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