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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by nickysn(R), 03.04.2014, 13:51

> Some minor details have changed but not much. FPCTRIS was like 2 kb smaller
> than before, so it's not going to match your previous build. And there is a
> bug (or unimplemented feature?) that makes every program say "Nil pointer
> assignment" on exit (even something as banal as "Hello, world!").

That sounds like you got either the units or the startup code for different memory models mixed up. If the correct startup code for tiny (prt0t.o) is linked, you should never get a "Nil pointer assignment" error, because nil pointer checking can only work in the small and medium memory models (which have a separate data segment, so that we can initialize the first few bytes at DS:0000 with a preset pattern and then check it at the end of program execution), so it is simply ifdef'd out in the startup code for tiny.


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