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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 06.04.2014, 02:13

> > I'm atop Win64 right now and just tested a simple hello world with
> latest
> > Tiny snapshot.
> >
> > ppcross8086 -XX hello -oa.exe
> > ppcross8086 -XX -WmTiny hello -ob.exe
> >
> > Here's what DOSBox says:
> >
> > C:\TMP\BLA>a
> > Hello, world!
> > Nil pointer assignment
> >
> > C:\TMP\BLA>b
> > Hello, world!
> Strange, it doesn't happen on my machine. I'm using linux (x86_64),
> openwatcom 1.9, nasm 2.10.07 and dosbox and it works fine. How did you
> build the snapshot?

I didn't build FPC at all, just grabbed the precompiled Win32 build from FPC's FTP. So somebody is building these regularly, but it isn't me! :-P That's half the point, that I'm testing their builds, not mine.

I don't think the other details matter here, but I've got OW 1.9, NASM 2.11, DOSBox 0.74.

> > In short, we should probably always explicitly specify a memory model
> when
> > compiling. Maybe it should error out if none is specified by default.
> The default memory model is 'small'. There are also some flags in the .ppu
> header which indicates for which memory model the given unit was built. But
> it doesn't matter for small and tiny, because the .ppus are compatible and
> these flags are identical in those two memory models. The only difference
> is the startup code - prt0s.o is for small, while prt0t.o is for tiny. The
> appropriate one is chosen by the compiler and put in the linker script
> according to the -Wm option.

Dunno, too many memory models, so it's very easy to be confused (at least for me).

The only reason I bothered with "Tiny" in these cases is because that's what MarcoV used when originally (re)compiling FPCTRIS, and I wanted to be byte-exact to his version (though too much has changed since then for that to stay the same anyways). I guess from now on I'll stick to "Small".


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