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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by nickysn(R), 10.04.2014, 18:37

> > >
> > > I didn't build FPC at all, just grabbed the precompiled Win32 build
> from
> > > FPC's
> > >
> >
> FTP.
> > > So somebody is building these regularly, but it isn't me! :-P
> That's
> > > half the point, that I'm testing their builds, not mine.
> >
> > I'll check them out. These automated builds are Pierre's work, but there
> > could be a bug in the build process. I'll have to check.
> I checked them and they look fine. The problem appears to be that you're
> using the tiny rtl to build a small model program, which causes the 'Nil
> pointer assignment' error. The opposite (using the small rtl to build a
> tiny model program) works correctly.

FYI, I just committed a change to fpc trunk, which makes the tiny and small units incompatible with each other. The reasons:

- the bug you mentioned - while tiny programs using the small rtl work fine, the opposite - small programs, using tiny rtl don't really have the correct small model memory layout and print out a "Nil pointer assignment" error
- I'm planning a bug fix for interrupt procedures for the tiny model, which will make them different between small and tiny
- other differences between the two models may also be introduced in the future


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