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links 2.8.1 (Announce)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 21.04.2014, 00:50
(edited by glennmcc on 21.04.2014, 01:04)

> Hi Roberto and All, where is option for Javascript???
> I uploaded sources on
> David

Are you able to download anything from that URL using DOS/links
or any other DOS browser that does not have JavaScript capability ?


Ah ha....

It seems that it's only those of us outside of the
Czech or Slovak republic who can't get to it directly using
non-javaScript enabled browsers.

This form secures our customers from SPAM attacks from outland. You can see
this page because you are connecting out from Czech or Slovak republic.
All data which you have submitted will be send after you fill this form.

We need to make sure you are a human. Please solve the challenge below,
and click the I'm a Human button to get a confirmation code.
To make this process easier in the future, we recommend you enable Javascript.



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