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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 30.04.2014, 20:42

> Some of these compiler switches get confusing fast. This kludge isn't
> always 100% necessary just to compile. I mistakenly thought -CX (compiling
> units) smartlinking was required for everything here, but apparently not.
> In fact, for simple stuff like fpctris and samegame, it seems to make
> almost no size difference at all. (Presumably units other than gameunit are
> much more bloated.)

That's because those two games use everything in gameunit, so there is no code to smartlink out. But those games don't use everything in RTL units, so those need to be compiled with.

> But I guess? that -XX is always required since (linking) smartlinking makes
> a difference in whether it looks for libs or objects, and the pre-compiled
> units are all smartlinked (by necessity?). BTW, I'm not sure if "-Xs"
> (strip) even does anything here (intentionally or otherwise).

I've no idea how that works with watcom linker. Either of them.

> But just for simple stuff, I can get away with "ppcross8086 -XX -O3
> samegame", and it'll compile (in DOS) okay, by default, no kludges needed.
> At least with latest Win32-hosted snapshots (run under HX).
> Then I got the "bright" idea to build a helper frontend tool (in 16-bit
> real mode, using TP55 or FPC itself) to workaround this kludge for me
> (using -s and tweaking the .BAT output).

Go ahead.

> Or maybe you really expect me to
> "svn co" trunk (under Linux) and weakly try to fix it there?

No, I would expect you to fix it in a strong way, obviously.

> P.S. I guess you heard what was the SourceForge
> April
> Community Choice Project of the Month. :-)

I knew yes. Your remark make me check download stats, but they don't seem to be noticably higher than normal.


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