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Win 2K Keyboard Shutdown Sequence? (Users)

posted by CluelessInSeattl(R), Seattle, USA, 06.05.2014, 16:13

Does anyone here remember the keyboard sequence for shutting down or rebooting Windows 2000?

This morning when I turned on my computers, which I have connected to a KVM switch, the video on my oldest computer, which is still running Win2K, was dead, just a black screen. I tried bypassing the KVM switch and plugging the monitor directly into the video card on the computer, but still, no signal.

So I'd like to first try rebooting, but it's been so long since I've used keyboard commands to shut down a Win 2K system that I can't remember the sequence.

I do remember to start with that old Alt-Ctrl-Del key combo.

But then what? Is it Alt-H for sHutdown?

And then what's next if I want to try restarting?

Or if I want to shut down completely so I can pull the hard drive and install it in another machine?

If no-one here remembers the commands, then how about helping me brainstorm on where or how to find them on the web?

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"
Running MS-DOS 6.21


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