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FPC 2.6.4 released! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 08.05.2014, 00:18
(edited by Rugxulo on 08.05.2014, 01:22)

> > BTW, I'm not sure if "-Xs" (strip) even does anything here
> I've no idea how that works with watcom linker. Either of them.

Dunno, I haven't really looked, but I suspect (OMF) debug info isn't generated at all for FPC's "msdos" target yet.

Probably easier to not worry with that for now!

> > Then I got the "bright" idea to build a helper frontend tool (in 16-bit
> > real mode, using TP55 or FPC itself) to workaround this kludge for me
> > (using -s and tweaking the .BAT output).
> Go ahead.

This is a horrible attempt, but I'm sure your expectations were low. :-P

EDIT: Oops, my bad, that was my bug, not Exec. It works better now.

{$ifndef FPC}
{$if FPC_FULLVERSION < 20701}
{$fatal unsupportedCOMPILER}
{$H+} // we need really really really long lines!
//{$assertions on}

program kludge;

uses dos;

var filein,fileout: text;
    line,module,link: string;
    linenum,lastlink: longint;
    fullname: record dir,name,ext: shortstring end;

    pascalsource: string = 'fpctris.pp';
    compiler: string = 'ppcross8086.exe'; // 'ppcros~1.exe'
    pflags: string = ' -CX -XX -O3 -s';
    unitdir: string = '-Fu\pp16\units\msdos\*'; // find 'crt.a/.ppu', etc.
    // or 'set MSDOSUNITS=g:\pp16\units\msdos\*' in advance

procedure fix_wlib;
var start,finish: longint;
    // don't run twice, though -n (create new) would maybe still work
    if lastlink=linenum-2 then exit;

    finish := pos('.a ',line)-1; start := finish;
    repeat dec(start) until (start=0) or (line[start]=' '); inc(start);

    module := line[start..finish];
    link := line[1..start-1] + '..\' + module + '.a @' + module + '.rsp';

    writeln(fileout,'cd ' + module + '.sl');
    writeln(fileout,'dir /b *.o > ' + module + '.rsp');
    writeln(fileout,'del ' + module + '.sl\' + module + '.rsp');

    lastlink := linenum
end; {fix_wlib}

procedure runme(cmd1,cmd2: string);
end; {runme}

function found(this,that: string): boolean;
  found := pos(this,that) <> 0
end; {found}

// ********************************************************

begin {main} linenum := 1; lastlink := 0;

  if paramcount=1 then pascalsource := paramstr(1);

  if getenv('MSDOSUNITS') <> '' then unitdir := '';

  with fullname do fsplit(pascalsource,dir,name,ext);

  case upcase(fullname.ext) of
    '.PP','.DPR','.PAS': ; // writeln('okay.')
    else begin
      writeln(pascalsource + ' : not valid Pascal source!');

  compiler := fsearch(compiler,getenv('PATH'));

  RunMe(compiler,' ' + unitdir + pflags + ' ' + pascalsource);

  assign(filein,'ppas.bat'); assign(fileout,'make.bat');
  {$I-} reset(filein); {$I+}
  if ioresult <> 0 then begin
    writeln('echo PPAS.BAT not found! Run this first: ' + #13#10);
    writeln(compiler,' ' + unitdir + pflags + ' ' + pascalsource);


  while not eof(filein) do begin

    // don't use quotes, probably not necessary for DOS users
    if getenv('NOQUOTES') <> '' then
      while pos('"',line) > 0 do delete(line,pos('"',line),1);

    // Rmdir with trailing subdir backslash fails
    if (pos('Rmdir',line)=1) and (line[length(line)]='\') then

    if pos('echo Assembling',line)=1 then
       // don't report upon assembling every single .s file
       writeln(fileout,'if not "%DEBUG%"=="" ' + line)
    else if not (found('wlib.exe',line) or found('.a ',line)) then
    else fix_wlib;


  close(filein); close(fileout); erase(filein);

  RunMe(getenv('COMSPEC'),' /c make.bat');



> > Or maybe you really expect me to
> > "svn co" trunk (under Linux) and weakly try to fix it there?
> No, I would expect you to fix it in a strong way, obviously.

That sounds much more complicated, so for now I've not attempted it.

> > P.S. I guess you heard what was the SourceForge
> >
> April
> > Community Choice Project of the Month. :-)
> I knew yes. Your remark make me check download stats, but they don't seem
> to be noticably higher than normal.

Marco, if I may be frank (hi, Frank!), never ever check statistics. Even if they're true (unlikely), they always point you in the wrong direction. Unless you think the popular choice is always the best, it's not worth paying attention.


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