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USB Hub Driver for MS-DOS 6.21? (Users)

posted by CluelessInSeattl(R), Seattle, USA, 24.05.2014, 17:21

Hi again!

I posted here a while back asking about running my old MS-DOS 6.21 software and batch files in Windows DOS boxes:

Switch from MS-DOS 6.21 to Windows DOS Box?

The replies I got gave me the impression that undertaking such a project would be opening a big can of worms. And, as my health has declined so precipitously in recent years, I don't think I would have the stamina to deal with the complications. I'm only able to work at my computer for a few minutes at a time these days.

So I've got another idea.

A major drawback for me is that saving large files to floppies really slows down my writing. And I like to save often, with multiple back-ups.

So I thought that if I were to switch to a Windows system, with my DOS programs running in a DOS box, I could plug a USB hub into the machine and write a batch file that would automatically encrypt and back-up my work to multiple flash drives as I worked.

That would eliminate the irksome disk swapping and the waiting for the floppy drive to write to the disks. Due to my failing health, I work in bed, and the front loading floppy drive is awkward to access.

So, I'm wondering, how likely is it that I could find a reliable MS-DOS driver for a USB hub?

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"
Running MS-DOS 6.21


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