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Compilation Woes: A study in frustration. (Emulation)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.05.2014, 08:28

> > Though he does have a Google Group about all his emulators, which is
> still
> > very active, so you may have better luck asking all others there:
> >
> >!forum/EMUL8
> I discovered that newsgroup myself, but it seems swamped with Android and /
> or other cell phone emulator talk.

(May 21) ColEm 2.9 for Windows and Linux

Unfortunately ... "I am no longer supporting MSDOS, Symbian, Maemo, and Meego ports, due to the demise of the respective platforms. Older ColEm versions for these platforms are still available from the web site though."

But I don't even see a 2.6 DOS binary .ZIP anymore! (And it's probably moot to try to say, "But FreeDOS 1.1 was released in 2012". If the guy ain't already sympathetic, it's no use.) Very unlikely that (re)porting the [Linux] "portable source code" is worth anyone's time. You could try mentioning it on the Google Group, but people these days just don't care if it's not one of the popular mainstream OSes.

His "Address Book" says Marcel de Kogel was the original author of the DOS port. However, I'm assuming that was long, long ago. (A very superficial search shows releases as far back as 1996, maybe older, indeed using DJGPP + Allegro.)

> I did some more digging and found that a bug / incompability was introduced
> somewhere between v. 2.2 and 2.3 which prevents the ROMs from loading.
> Versions 2.2 and below work great for me in plain DOS. If I could find the
> source to version 2.3, I might be able to troubleshoot the problem, but it
> seems to have vanished.

Dunno, I see some files at that may prove interesting, for comparison, if you're bored: 134K 235K


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