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HXDOS : how do you identify import missing from system dll ? (DOSX)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 23.06.2014, 16:08

Hi, agent#386 ! thanks for chiming in !

>> Hi, Pals !
> Hi NTSC's :-)

I'm more of a SECAM guy myself...

>> I'm back with a question re. HXDOS : having SET DPMILDR=128,
>> if a PE fails at run time because an unresolved import is called,
>> how do you determine which was the missing function ?

> No way :-( (IIRC I had proposed exactly this already 1'000'000'000'000
> times ... look at the source of DPMILDR ...)

Aw! I'd feared such would be the case

> Compare the import list of your PE (usually NOT sorted) with the export
> lists of the HX DLL's.

I'll do that, time allowing. It's not particularly important that I find out out exactly what's missing, since AFAIU (from personal mail), Japheth has got got other business now than caring after HX. I was a bit surprised that Bochs compiled by me with a vastly restricted set of capabilities than the official build (removing AMD64, VMX & more) did not work using HX, while their version does. Either due to using different MSC++ compilers, or some device I included and they did not. Again not a real grief, I was just being curious.

> and try to track them in the source. AFAIK the official BOCHS binaries do
> use even some obscure imports by ordinal:

Yes, by-ordinal-imports are an additional liability

> ; BOCHS needs 4 imports by ordinal:
> ; $04 GetEffectiveClientRect
> ; $06 CreateStatusWindowA
> ; $10 CreateUpDownControl (unconditionally imported but not called)
> ; $11 InitCommonControls

> PS:

thanks again, regards



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