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Help setting up FreeDos/Dos (Users)

posted by karmashock(R), 05.07.2014, 15:20

I have a very old DOS based database. dBaseIV. And it's run just fine up to MS deciding to stop supporting 16 apps for 64 bit operating systems.

So I now need to emulate this database.

I've tried lots of things. I can't run the database in Virtualbox or VMware under and XP guest.

So I'm now interested in trying a DOS guest. That is, loading an emulated DOS operating system inside of a VM where I'll run the database.

The database makes use of network shares, network printers, etc. And so to set up this guest operating system in the VM, I need to be able to get DOS to do these things.

I've played around with some programs that appeared to give FreeDOS access to network shares. But while the dos operating systems appear to have the NET command and can ping the server... they cannot map the network share to a drive letter or share their own file system with the network.

I always get one of a couple different errors.

The VM people threw me at your forum. So please don't throw me back at those guys. I'm getting bounced around here.

I'd be perfectly happy with a downloadable drive image for Virtualdub with Freedos and functional SMB file sharing capability.

I've tried to download those in the past and while they appear to work they fail to actually either share or access shares on the network. Which is really the whole point.

I'm trying some other programs such as vDos with some success. Let me know the options.

I appreciate this is an usual request but we're trying to keep an old database functional in an increasingly hostile computer environment.

Currently, we're only keeping it working by putting it on a 32bit terminal server and then having people RDP into an XP host... where they then run the database.

Its not a viable long term solution. The 32bit host won't be compatible forever. Any help keeping the database going in the 21st century would be appreciated.


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