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FreeBasic and FreePascal (Developers)

posted by w3a537(R) E-mail, Colorado Springs CO USA, 05.07.2014, 18:44

> It really all started when somebody criticized me over my floppy drive.
> That was me, and the USB stick too. Both resulting from doubts about the
> core problem posed.

Why should your dislike of floppies have to carry over to me?

I have a whole bunch of usb sticks and I can access them from DOS just fine.
What do you want me to do with them.

As I said on FP all my OS and OS utilities are on a HD and they fit
on a floppy. My large apps are on a USB stick in ZIP files loaded to ramdisk
in a.bat.

> > And I was criticized over my preference of small programs.
> Selecting small is a waste of time they said.
> (it _is_ IMHO)

For example on my big USB where I store a lot of things I have 5 TEEs
ranging from 57kb to 5kb and I selected the 5kb for my OS utilities.

Why was this a waste of time in your opinion.

> None of these had anything to do with FP, but they became major components
> of the thread.

This remains true.

> It is in the sense that FP is a modern development system.
> Anywa, the answer to your question is simple:
> Use the oldest possible compiler, code your programs as
> low level as possible, and use a customized RTL that cuts
> away things you don't use. (and the older you go the less cutting you
> will do probably)

I have been using G77 for a long time.
I just wanted to ask about FP to see if it would be interesting to check
out and FB too. The answer is no. I can stay with G77.

Why was such a bit rucus necessary?

> For Turbo Pascal code that is probably TP55, BP7 whichever has the best
> ratio wrt code generation and customizable RTL.

I have been maintain DOS systems for people in my companies as far back
as 1985. One master floppy disk, format the users hard disk, SYS it, and
copy over all the files to the bootable HD. Boot and run.

> Maybe FPC 16-bit has long term better papers (it has potential for better
> optimization and since it is open source you could in theory beyond that),
> but that is not here and now, and the RTL customization will probably be
> more involved anyway (since it is more complicated)
> If I offended you I'm sorry, but please take the fact into
> consideration that I have answered such questions for 17 years now, and
> never saw a constructive outcome. People seem to be shopping around to
> keep their aging setup running for a while longer, but it isn't allowed
> to cost any effort. Basically it is compiler shopping.

MY bootable floppy, I have maintained it since 1985 and I upgrade it about
every 5 years.

Is this your opinion od all the people here on BTTR never constructive outcome.

Sorry but I have a fine DOS system, I use it when It is the way to go,
I run SPINRITE once in a while to refresh my disks and if and when WIN7
crashes I will use IMAGE FOR DOS from Tettabyte Unlimited to restore it.



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