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FREE Basic & Pascal (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 09.07.2014, 01:48

> Last but not least, I assume LD got an update somewhere along the way.

Nope, FPC 2.6.2 GO32V2 is still using old 2.17 from 2008, COFF only. According to GCC 4.9.0's online manual, the whole --gc-sections stuff only works with ELF and GNU BinUtils or Solaris' linker. It doesn't even work for PE/COFF (tier two; see here), which is 1000x more popular than DJGPP (tier nada).

This is why things like this happen: mkdir() pulling in ctime.o

> It might be worth testing with 2.7.x too, since IIRC 2.7.x has
> an internal linker for go32v2.

The daily snapshot of GO32V2 is still broken. It's still incorrectly compiled, so it doesn't work at all (-iSO -iTO -iSP -iTP = "win32 win32 i386 i386"). You might want to ping Pierre about that.


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