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UIDE "Packed File" Usage. (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack R. Ellis, 06.11.2007, 18:06

Now that UDMA/UDVD are integrated into the UIDE driver, its 7K file size
lets it be "packed" by V3.01 UPX into only a 6K object file. This saves
sectors on Lucho's "boot" diskettes and is how UIDE will now be offered.

Loading UIDE in "packed" form through the CONFIG.SYS file is usually not
an issue, as it loads "early" and should be placed by the system into at
least 7K of upper-memory. UIDE "returns" most of that memory to DOS and
declares a final upper-memory size of 1.75K, for caches of up to 200-MB.

If UIDE is NOT loaded early by CONFIG.SYS, users must be aware UIDE will
"unpack" into about 7K of memory. If DOS puts UIDE in only 6K of memory
based on its object-file size, a CRASH may occur! Users who do not load
UIDE through CONFIG.SYS should "unpack" it with V3.01 UPX, then load the
unpacked file, to be SAFE!

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