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Building an MSDOS 8.00 USB stick (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.07.2014, 22:16

> I have a bootable MSDOS 8.00 floppy.
> I would like to build a bootable USB stick
> using the floppy as the source of the OS files,
> ie the master.

The simple truth is that even though DOS fits on a floppy, it is considered too minimal for most people. And modern OSes haven't fit on floppies in ages. They need literally gigs of space. Plus, floppies are considered unreliable (although flash drives aren't totally robust against failure either). Some (most?) manufacturers don't even make floppies anymore. They literally stopped a few years ago. Most computers don't even come with floppy drives anymore. Sure, it's ten bazillion times easier to support a floppy driver in an OS than USB stack, but nobody cares. "Just use $billion-dollar-OS."

I'm sympathetic, but it's a losing battle. Modern has different definitions of "small", "useful", "compatible", etc.

> I have tried numerous procedures I have found
> via GOOGLE.
> The latest was to use RUFUS which didn't work either.

RUFUS didn't work at all? It didn't install? It doesn't function? Because once you have (presumably minimal) RUFUS files working, then just copy over your own files, twiddle the config + autoexec files, etc.

> How do I do this? Help would be greatly appreciated.

If RUFUS won't boot for you, file a bug report. The advantage to RUFUS over most others (besides free/libre license) is that it saves persistent changes.

Others, like UNetBootIn, can boot FreeDOS as well, but it won't save your changes explicitly, so you'll have to do that manually upon each use (to an available, writable partition).

I've not tried a lot of others, so I don't know what else exists. Normally I just use RUFUS (on my laptop) occasionally.


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