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Building an MSDOS 8.00 USB stick (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.07.2014, 23:09

> It's my maintenance system. If the Windows partitions crash then
> I will run IMAGE FOR DOS and restore my backups.
> I use DOS for what DOS is good at. Otherwise I use Windows. The OS
> I use for system maintenance should be minimalistic.

The point is that "modern" doesn't need to be minimalistic, there are USB drives of 32 GB or greater these days. That's plenty for all Linux known distributions. They don't care because they don't need to care.

> Rufus installs just fine, but what I meant to say is that it doesn't
> produce a bootable USB stick. Neither does HPFLASH1.

Check your BIOS to make sure of boot order. Also, have you ever successfully booted USB before? Maybe your computer doesn't support it (e.g. my old P4, where I had to use PLoP Boot Manager via floppy).

> We are on one of the best DOS forums around. Please stop running DOS down.

You misunderstood. I'm the last to knock DOS for what it does or even what it doesn't do. But nobody cares. The modern world doesn't care one drop. By far. But they also don't know anything, and they are biased and useless. So I don't care what they think.

> And I am still looking foe help to get this done.

Try a different USB stick or even try booting on a different computer. Some USB sticks (and BIOSes) need an MBR, some don't. It's not always obvious. This stuff still has kinks. Also, try UNetBootIn. And do file a bug report for RUFUS if all of the above fails.


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