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Building an MSDOS 8.00 USB stick (Developers)

posted by w3a537(R) E-mail, Colorado Springs CO USA, 15.07.2014, 04:42

> I can't speak to MSDOS I quit using _everything_ MS many, many years ago.
> Here's how I made bootable 1GB USB flash drive in OpenDos v7.01
> 1) Boot to OpenDos v7.01
> 2) load USB_DOS drivers that work on my machine with my USB flash drive

Somehow I stumbled upon a set of USB_DOS drivers that seem to work on every
PC I test them on. I build and sell PCS (new ones) but I have 5 old PCs
here from different MFRs both Intel and AMD and my current DOS master disk boots and mounts as many USB sticks as I plug in and on all my PCS both
OLD and NEW.

> 3) /s drive_letter of USB flash drive

I use the equivalent format and sys.

4) copy all aditional files that I want on the flash drive.

Same here.

I can test this on another USB and see what happens.

> Done.
> Basically... no different than making a diskette bootable.
> ___
> After-thought: The key of-course is finding the correct USB drivers
> that work with your computer and your USB flash drive.

See above.

W3 and thank you.


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