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FreeBasic and FreePascal (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.07.2014, 18:27

> > And I was criticized over my preference of small programs. Selecting
> small
> > is a waste of time they said.
> (it _is_ IMHO)

What email provider do you use? What is the file attachment limit? How much of that is eaten up by the MIME/base64 conversion?

What ISP do you use? What download/upload speeds do you have, and do you have any caps on total usage?

What motherboard do you use? How much total RAM can you install?

What OSes do you use? How much total RAM do they see? How much can an individual app appropriately utilize?

What file systems do you use? What is the maximum partition size and maximum file size? What cluster size is being used (slack space)?

Note that many Linux distros (et al.) have trouble cramming everything even on a CD, so some of them have switched to DVD. And of course DVD is too small for some things, hence dual-layer (or beyond) or Blu-Ray, etc. etc. So it's not like floppies are the only ones running out of space.

> Use the oldest possible compiler, code your programs as
> low level as possible, and use a customized RTL that cuts
> away things you don't use.
> For Turbo Pascal code that is probably TP55, BP7 whichever has the best
> ratio wrt code generation and customizable RTL.

TP55 is very small but also not very complicated. And obviously pure assembly is going to be smaller than almost anything.

> If I offended you I'm sorry, but please take the fact into
> consideration that I have answered such questions for 17 years now, and
> never saw a constructive outcome.

1997? You seriously want to pretend that you're using the same (or even similar) setups as back then?? Not even the same dialects or architectures! (TP only and no AMD64.) And size usually mattered more back then than now.

I'm not saying size is very important in most cases. Obviously people don't know, don't care, don't have time, "it just works", etc. But it's ridiculous to pretend that it's somehow bad to actually identify and fix the problem!
(But presumably you're just complaining about the complainers, not those actually doing work to fix this. Not that anybody is actually fixing anything here, sigh.)

> People seem to be shopping around to keep their aging setup running
> for a while longer, but it isn't allowed to cost any effort.
> Basically it is compiler shopping.

He mentioned G77 (presumably with DJGPP; and not Gfortran??), so no idea why he's looking at FBC and FPC. Obviously the point is that different languages aren't comparable. AFAIK, nobody chooses a compiler for size alone but instead for what language dialects and what target architectures (and target OSes) it supports. Size doesn't matter if you don't grok the compiler language!

But I don't think you were really advocating here that everyone should rewrite all their code every other year, just to follow latest trends. The idea that everything must be handled by the end user, no matter how complicated, and totally ignoring legacy concerns (which is all too common these days), is ridiculous. Obviously FPC isn't that stern (thankfully).


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