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FreeBasic and FreePascal (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.07.2014, 18:59

> This is very true. This is why I changed the target to a GREP utility.
> These programs have a definite use.

Another obvious comparison is assembly, which is as low a level as you can go.

Even old old (DJGPP 2.x) BinUtils AS 2.6 (1996) is 319488 bytes. GAS 2.19 circa 2008 (from 2.03p2) is 834048 bytes. Latest AS 2.24r2 (from 2.04 /beta/) is 1,265,152 bytes.

Venksi's ASM.COM (8086 only, binary output only, assembles itself) is only 7297 bytes (uncompressed).

FASM is a more robust, standalone assembler, so it's a better tool. Totally written in itself, 32-bit host but supports all targets (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit) and several output formats (COFF, ELF, MZ, PE) and literally all (AFAIK) current Intel and AMD instructions.

Here is latest 1.71.21:

93089 fasm (Linux native version)
95452 fasm.exe (DOS version)
102400 fasmcon.exe (Win32 console version)
120660 fasmd.exe (DOS version plus IDE, aka text editor and calculator)
143872 fasmw.exe (Win32 version plus GUI IDE)

Note that this is 100% assembly, no HLLs used! It's not even UPX'd! And honestly, a lot of that is data, even, since he's supporting all kinds of weird stuff (AVX, heh). Just for quick comparison to itself, 1.60 (circa 2005) for DOS was only 65163 bytes.


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