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FreeBasic and FreePascal (Developers)

posted by marcov(R), 17.07.2014, 11:32

> Anyway people trash a lot of desktop computers that are not capable well
> running Vista/7/8 WOW bloatware but it's still well usable for normal
> work...

I got them as a build cluster running various *nixes, 2,3 each. Originally got them because they are 64-bit capable, and why I had enough dumpster Athlon XPs, none of them were 64-bit capable.

Yes, they are only 20-30% faster than running the same build virtualbox on my main machine, but I can run multiple ones at the same time. I typically boot them 3 times per release cycle (typically 9 months). A pre check build before branching, release candidate and final release.

Unfortunately, since the original plan, the number of targets that I build exploded, so probably this approach is on the way out.


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